The HORTUS TALKS invites to reflect on the creative reintroduction of Nature in Venice in a sustainable frame, participants will share their work and experience as well as their vision of potential projects therein .

The speakers will be:

Giuseppe Rallo, Rosella Marcucci, Cedric Libert, Thomas Coldefy & Isabel Van Haute, Pio & Tito Toso, Francesco Faccin PierreBonnet, Christian Turner, Paul Bradley.


The HORTUS concept is to interconnect historical gardens & natural urban zone of Venice in a network of installations .

Hortus aims to repurpose abandoned Venetian green spaces through architecture, art and design in a sustainable manner.

The project will consider the local, social and biological history with the actual reality of the milieu in a case study on modern structural challenges.

Creating a new vision and stream of ideas, investing into the present and future of Venice’s neglected green spaces by repurposing and interconnecting them from a local to an international perspective.

The aim of Hortus is to discover and develop efficiencies, innovations and improvements in terms of sustainability and in relationship to creative fields.

Following the Hortus paradigm, the protagonists selected will have the opportunity to deliver, drive and envision their creative innovation, turning Venice’s incredible ground into a case study catalyzing sustainability.

Supporting freedom within a Framework a common base of goals and guidelines will be set .

Empowering imagination by spurring each animateur to innovate processes that have greater positive social and environmental impact, while ensuring they stay true to their own identity and values to develop a clear strategy and structure in a responsible way.

Going beyond social compliance and encompassing the attention of social sustainability on working conditions and the need to preserve and maintain work in art.

Monitoring the environmental footprint, translating the values of the project into a social economical frame.

The first phase of Hortus will be a TALK series with animateurs from various fields during Venice architecture biennale.

The second phase will be the innovative application and pragmatic action.