The Internet Saga is the only project dedicated to art on the web to be inaugurated on the 6& 7 May 2015 on the occasion of the 56thVeniceArt Biennial.

This edition’s main protagonist is an independent cinema legend: Jonas Mekas.

Founder of the New American Cinema in 1960, this artist started experimenting new audiovisual languages online in 2006, thus becoming a contemporary art web-star before anyone else.

Curated by the Francesco Urbano Ragazzi duo and in collaboration with Zuecca Projects, the Internet Saga will have two official sites, opposed but also new in the city’s landscape:  Palazzo Foscari Contarini, a sixteenth century noble residence overlooking the Grand Canal now a Burger King restaurant, and the Spazio Ridotto, a brand new project space for video art, just 100 meters from Piazza San Marco.
This project offers a calendar full of events.

On 6th May at 7pm at Palazzo Foscari Contarini: the inauguration of Jonas Mekas’ solo exhibition will take place and will be composed of three novel interventions linked to the artist’s production on Internet.

On 7th May at 7pm at My Art Guide Meeting Point ( at the Circolo Ufficiali of l’Arsenale) : a press conference open to the public will take place and will become a real performance thanks to the presentation of the online editorial project )titre( and the Skype call of Argentinian born artist Amalia Ulman.

On 7th May at the Spazio Ridotto at 10:30 pm: the third and last part of the project will open with the projection of Birth of a Nation, a film made by Mekas in 1997,  portraying the community of film-makers who, with Mekas, has revolutionized the American independent cinema.

A Sleepless Night, which will last untildawn of the following day, will be launched with a poetic declamation by the Lithuanian-American artist dedicated to Internet and will end on the terrace of Hotel Bauer .

The Internet Saga continues online with a website: