JOEP VAN LIESHOUT'S SlaveCity curated by Natalie Kovacs to be presented by ZUECCA PROJECT SPACE at 15th VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE

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Provocative and controversial, Joep van Lieshout’s SlaveCity is an urban plan for a zero footprint city created with spreadsheet tools to maximize profitability. Built rationally with an absence of morality, residents of SlaveCity are reduced to a metrics of economy in an excel spreadsheet inferno, a look at crypto-technocratic totalitarianism.  


An immersive body of work, SlaveCity includes sculptures, models and protocols representing a dystopian utopia designed for 200,000 inhabitants. This Gesamtkunstwerk comprises universities, brothels and museums and is an eco-town using biofuels, renewable energy and organic food. It’s inhabitants, the “slaves,” are unpaid - receiving ‘privileges’ for good performance, while those who are unproductive are recycled, their organs harvested, flesh consumed, used as biogas or composted. 


Curator Natalie Kovacs states: “As an artist Van Lieshout explores the boundaries of human efficiency and utilitarianism examining how society and consumerist models relate to an Architecture Biennale and future trends that will shape the world.”  


Joep van Lieshout (1963) founded ATELIER VAN LIESHOUT, his artistic studio, in 1995 to question the role of the artist as an isolated genius. Although he was trained as a classical sculptor, he seeks to work in a wider context, through the inclusion of design and architecture. 

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